Bird has it- “A Lesson in Gabby” is coming


A Lesson in Gabby – Starring Stephen Flett and James Robert Woods

In six weeks the Toronto Fringe will see the debut of Labe Kagan’s comedy “A Lesson in Gabby”. There have lessons and light and angels in bringing this witty piece of theatre to the stage.
It is the story of Groucho, a nearly successful playwright, who is searching for his place in the arts, in relationships and in the life. Groucho shares this experience with the his friend and sometimes muse – Melville.
In real life, Labe (the writer) and Mark (the long time friend of the writer) have shared the journey of this most wondrous path to the stage of the Tarragon. It has been filled with laughter and light, darkness and daunting challenges.
In this production, Mark has assumed the role of producer and Labe, as the creator of this piece of work, has been an instrumental co-conspirator in seeing to it that this effort meets with the intended success.
As we began our first bout of the serious rehearsals – one of our actors announced his departure, due to personal and business conflicts. Though we were sorry to see him go and he was sorry to leave, we immediately scoured the thespian landscape for a talent equal to the high bar set for this role. This being a two-hander and Groucho being the protagonist, we were charged with replacing fifty percent of the cast. Jacqueline Burke, our director, lead the way. Not only was the role filled, but we found a wonderful talent and interpretation in the person of James Robert Woods.
Now with the sparring and sparking of two very skilled actors, Stephen Flett (Melville) and James Robert Woods (Groucho) and the keen and adept direction of Jacqueline Burke, complimented by the positive energy and professional ability of our stage manager – Andrea Wicken – we have an exceptional show in the making.
This is a show you, will want to see. It is show you will want to tell your family and friends to see.

Here is a look at the times, dates and location for Mark My Words-Ink production of Labe Kagan’s comedy – A LESSON IN GABBY:

Show Title Company name Slot Length Show Time Venue
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Thursday, July 2, 2015 – 11:00pmFriday, July 3, 2015 – 12:00am Tarragon Theatre Extraspace
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Saturday, July 4, 2015 – 5:15pm6:15pm Tarragon Theatre Extraspace
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Sunday, July 5, 2015 – 8:45pm9:45pm Tarragon Theatre Extraspace
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Tuesday, July 7, 2015 – 1:15pm2:15pm Tarragon Theatre Extraspace
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Wednesday, July 8, 2015 – 3:30pm4:30pm Tarragon Theatre Extraspace
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Thursday, July 9, 2015 – 9:15pm10:15pm Tarragon Theatre Extraspace
A Lesson In Gabby Mark My Words-Ink 60 Sunday, July 12, 2015 – 1:45pm2:45pm Tarragon Theatre Extraspace

The Angels Are In

The year’s Fringe production of the Labe Kagan play “A Lesson in Gabby”. Truly a story about a wing and a prayer, told with irreverent wit and a hint of truth.
The dye is cast. The angels are inked in. We had the play – now we have the players.
Leading this merry band is Jacqui Burke, our Director.
Andrea Wicken is lending her skills as Stage Manager to this production.
Our actors, if you don’t know them yet, you will know them and love them –
Costin Manu in the role of Groucho
Stephen Flett in the role of Melville.


Men – take directions from Her

Jacqui Burke has joined and will take the a lead role in this year’s production of Labe Kagan’s play “A Lesson in Gabby“.   Jacqui comes to us with a wide range of experience including work in the Fringe.  I have worked with Jacqui in some capacity before in my Community Theatre experience and found her skilled, good natured and efficient and most affective.

A recent Scarborough Music Theatre production of  “The King and I” directed by Jacqui had the audience, including me, on its feet and the city abuzz with rave reviews.

We are now auditioning for the two principal roles in this all male cast, two-hander.

Here is the Audition Notice:


Contact:  Jacqui Burke ® 647-292-0210 ®



A Lesson in Gabby

(Toronto Fringe)

By Labe Kagan Directed by Jacqui Burke

Produced by Mark My Words-Ink

Auditions Thursday, February 19th, 7-10 pm

720 Bathurst Street (one block south of Bloor)

Blake Thorne Studio Rm. #401

Callbacks: Saturday, February 22, 2:30-5:45 pm

720 Bathurst Street (one block south of Bloor)

Neville Austin Studio #402

Rehearsal Days Tuesday evening 7-10 pm and Sunday afternoon 2-5 pm

(more as we approach opening) SUBJECT TO CHANGE

First rehearsal: Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rehearsal Space TBA
Show Dates Toronto Fringe Festival

July 1-12, 2015. Times TBA

Performance Space Toronto Fringe Venue (not site specific) TBA

Play Overview: Despite help from the angels and Melville (his best friend) Groucho, a Jewish comic playwright has a few lessons to learn before he can really move on after splitting with his wife. A lot.

Character Breakdown: Groucho:  (male, fifties) Groucho is a pot-smoking, grouchy, slob of a man (who happens to be a somewhat successful, if a bit quirky, playwright). He is obsessed with his ex-wife and can’t let her go. Melville: (male, fifties) Melville is a bright, dynamic real estate agent and actor who wants to see Groucho re-start his life and move on (even though he puts up with a lot from his friend) – uh, and make a full commission, besides.

Audition Requirements: Please provide a photo and resume and be prepared to perform a two minute comedic monologue.  Candidates may be required to read cold from the script.

To Book an Audition: Call:  647-292-0210   ®   Email:



A Lesson in PLAYING


This site is dedicated to the pursuit of the Arts.  Most of my posts have promoted and followed the journey of my play writing and production of “The Urinal Dialogues”.  This is now done and done.

This year’s Fringe Lottery win provides an opportunity to produce a very witty play created from the zany confluence of the eccentricities of the mind and life of friend and playwright, Labe Kagan.



A Play by Labe Kagan


This is the story of angels and angles, of friends and fiends .  The story of how allusive and tentative both can be and how profound their value when embraced.  It is a story that ebbs and flows with comedy and empathy.  It is the journey of souls. Watch as the bird of parody hops from perch to perch, from metaphor to meaning.

 Of course, all this is my perspective of the art created in this production.

What will you see from where you sit?

The Toronto Fringe Festival 2015 will be in play from July 1st to July 12th, 2015.

Ring The Bell- The Truth be Told

Cate Mckim – social bloggerfly – by her own appointment and reviewer for Arts and Culture blogs on her “life with more cowbell” site about The Toronto Fringe Festival debut of  “The Urinal Dialogues“.

When the bell rings true,  then we should shout it out to all who will listen.  Yes, we have heard the distant sounds of dissent but…as it is said “the truth will set you free”! 

“Write on, Mckim… And damn’d be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’ “

Read on our loyal friends and followers:


The Urinal Dialogues – Playing NOW

The Urinal Dialogues

by Mark H. Albert

presented by Mark My Words-Ink from Toronto, Ontario

A man walks into a bar’s urinal…Then what happens? The Urinal Dialogues happen. A play that takes a look inside the Men’s Washroom and asks the question-if men would talk, what would they say? Yes, there is bathroom humour but this is a place where everything can be exposed. Unpredictable and unabashed. Sometimes funny; sometimes poignant.

Director: Mario D’Alimonte

Choreographer: Music: Mark H. Albert,Wayne Cohen,Hartley Mandel

Cast: Holm Bradwell,Derrick Evans and Mark H. Albert Voiceovers: Evany Rosen and David Lang

Running Time: 58min.

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Warnings: Mature Language

Mark My Words-Ink makes its debut with The Urinal Dialogues. Mark H. Albert, Producer and writer, has enjoyed appearing on the stages of numerous community theatres. This experience has allowed Mark My Words-Ink to hand-pick its director, cast and crew and contributors from amongst the best in Toronto, to present this engaging multi-textured work of both humour and drama.

Taking sound bites overheard in men’s washrooms and expanding them into full dialogues through a series of vignettes, THE URINAL DIALOGUES uses both humour and humility to prove that men all have a lot more in common than the need to pee. Perhaps when men find themselves in the most vulnerable place, they can find the most vulnerable places within themselves. There is plenty of bathroom humour but this is place where everything can be exposed.

Playing at the Al Green Theatre (JCC/MILES NADEL building- corner of Spadina and Bloor)

The Festival Schedule

Show Time Venue
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 – 6:30pm – 7:30pm Al Green Theatre

Friday, July 4, 2014 – 10:30pm – 11:30pm Al Green Theatre

Monday, July 7, 2014 – 5:00pm – 6:00pm Al Green Theatre

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 – 7:30pm – 8:30pm Al Green Theatre

Friday, July 11, 2014 – 12:30pm – 1:30pm Al Green Theatre

Saturday, July 12, 2014 – 12:30pm – 1:30pm Al Green Theatre

Sunday, July 13, 2014 – 5:45pm – 6:45pm Al Green Theatre